About Us.

Reforge Roast is a small business focused on the community. We want to build community as much as we want to sell coffee! Here you can learn in detail who we are, how we got here, and where we are going.


We are a small business based out of Louisville KY. We’re a three-person operation (well maybe three and a half if you count my kids). We love coffee and community. We started this company with those two passions as our focus. We want to continue building a strong community and deliver premium coffee to that community! We don’t have large third-party partners. We buy the beans. We have them roasted. We decide the flavors, the roast, and the grind. We ship directly to you.


I’m Lucas. (I’m the guy in the photo there – nice to meet you! You can call me Lono.) I’m a content creator in the gaming space on YouTube and the face of Reforge Media. I’ve loved community building my entire life and coffee for most of it. Back in 2017, I was approached by a coffee company as a sponsor to produce a custom flavor. This was a great chance to combine the two things I loved so I jumped at the chance. This company was kind enough to give me full control of the flavor and after a lot of testing, we landed on a success. In 2020 we had to part ways with our sponsor over some creative differences and as we all know some world “difficulties” but it left an empty spot for me and the community we have built. In 2021 we decided to bring our custom flavor back on our own. Reforge Roast is born! We’ve added 2 Flavors since then and we are currently working on our fourth.


We are committed to building a community and providing that community with premium but affordable coffee quickly. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of the coffee but the turnaround times of our shipping, the customer service experience, and adding to a growing community. We don’t look at you just as customers. We want you to be part of our community! You can use the social links at the bottom to swing by and hang out with us!


We are a small business. We like it that way. We’re not going to take the coffee world by storm. As of now, we have two standard flavors – Reforge Light and Reforge Dark. We have a seasonal blend – Frickmas Blend and are working on a new Reforge Select. Our plan is to continue growing our community and meeting the expectations of that community. That will take us where it will. We hope you come along for the ride!