The FAQs.

We get a lot of questions as you can imagine. If you don’t find your answer here or in the About section feel free to reach out to us!

No. Now and for the foreseeable future, we offer only ground coffee.

We do not. However, we have heard from many customers that reusable k-cups and our coffee play very well together and we highly recommend that practice over standard k-cups.

We certainly do. We are a small company so if your country does not offer shipping options when you attempt to check out just let us know and we’ll add it for you.

No. We do not see a future where tea is in large enough demand in our community to invest in it but if it does… we’ll let you know.

As a common practice – no. We are open to it on a case-by-case basis. Contact us if you have direct questions about this type of purchase.